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Revalidation portfolio ethos

An image of the revalidation portfolio ethos treeWhat should the ethos of a revalidation portfolio for nurses look like?

This is an interesting and insightful question and something that we have given a great deal of thought to. Similar to how revalidation for nurses is meant to provide the public with confidnece about nurses. How can we as a free nursing revalidation portfolio provider gain the confidence and trust of nurses? What is our ethos ?

There are a few points that are essential:

  1. The revalidaiton e – portfolio provider should be very clear as to who has underlying ownsership of the data.
  2. The portfolio provider should allow access to the data owner at all times.
  3. The security and safety of the data should be guaranteed by the revalidation portfolio provdier.
  4. The data generator’s responsibility should include ownership of the data and any changes made to it.


What is the ethos of the UK’s only free revalidation portfolio?

We are proud to say that integrity, honesty and openness are paramount to our ethos pyramid.

The following are the core principles which govern Nurse Tools.

  1. Nurse Tools is a private and independent nursing revalidation portfolio designed to be used only by UK nurses and midwives.
  2. Nurse Tools has no affiliation with any drug company.
  3. The data a user enters on Nurse Tools is the user’s data. Only the user has access to it.
  4. Nurse Tools will never send out uncolicited emails or use any email data that has been entered by the user.
  5. Nurse Tools will never sell a member’s contact information.
  6. It is the user’s responsibility not to store any patient identifiable information on Nurse Tools.
  7. Nurse Tools is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act 1988 Reference number: ZA163547

What does this mean for you?

It means that we are open and honest about the service we provide and you as a user should have no reservations or doubts when using Nurse Tools as your revalidation portfolio. We do not lock you in to any contract and we do not force you to use the revalidation portfolio in a strict regimented manner.

You are essentially free to use our revalidationĀ  portfolio as little or as much as you like to aid you in the process of revalidation.

We are always open to suggestions and your feedback.

Happy revalidating!

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Top tips for nurse revalidation making it easy and simple

Top tips for nurse revalidation. Easy and simple.

Tips for revalidation

Tips for revalidation

Results from the revalidation pilots are filtering through. The overall feedback is positive. There was a bit of apprehension at the start. Discussing reflections with peers turned out to be a great morale boost.

According to Dame Eileen Sills, the chief nurse at Guys and St. Thomas’ Trust. The top tips for revalidation are:

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Give yourself plenty of timeĀ  – start 6 months in advance
  3. Collect your CPD
  4. Think about your reflections
  5. Above all look forward to doing it as it is a huge boost to the professionalism of nursing in this country.

Elaborating on this we can come to the following conclusions.

Firstly, there is a great deal of anxiety and worry regarding the whole process of revalidation among Nurses. In our survey, and informal chats with individual Nurses there was an underlying common theme. “This revalidation business looks scary and maybe if I don’t thinkĀ  about it, it will go away”.The best way to face the supposed monster of revalidation is to stand your ground and look it straight in the eye. You will find that underneath that panic inducing exterior lies something manageable and workable.

Secondly, to succeed at revalidation, Nurses need to start at least six month before. Last minute patch jobs simply will not do. Giving yourself plenty of time allows the sub conscious part of your mind to get ready for reflecting on your CPD activities. You will then have to record these in your revalidation portfolio.

Thirdly, accurate record keeping of all of your CPD is essential. Doing this as you go along, at the time of the activity is essential for success in revalidation.

And finally, revalidation will ultimately make you a better professional. There is no greater satisfaction in our jobs, than knowing that we helped someone today with our improved professionalism.

Watch her eloquently and succinctly state them below:

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Results from nurse revalidation pilots released

Nurse revalidation pilot results released

A week ago the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) distributed the beginning discoveries from 19 nurse revalidation pilot locales over the UK. It appears that the reaction has been certain – most of the nurses and midwives who reacted felt that they would have the capacity to accomplish the necessities for nurse revalidation.

The NMC will settle on a choice about nurse revalidation in October 2015 and, if this proceed, the first nurses and midwives to revalidate will be those whose enrollment is up for reestablishment in April 2016.

The General Medical Council (GMC) has effectively acquainted a necessity for specialists with revalidate and hence it is not shocking that the NMC is sticking to this same pattern.

Nurses and midwives are at present needed to recharge their enrollment at regular intervals. The proposed nurse revalidation model will add to this by obliging NMC registrants to confirmation that they have:

  • Finished the obliged least hours of practice and proceeding with expert improvement (CPD) over the 3 year period
  • Acquired at least five bits of criticism over the 3 year period from a scope of sources
  • Recorded no less than five reflections on this input, the Code and/or learning exercises embraced, and had an expert advancement examination with another NMC registrant, covering these reflections
  • Gotten affirmation from a fitting outsider that they have met the necessities for nurse revalidation.

Given the positive reaction, it appears to be likely that the NMC will present nurse revalidation this October. To stay on the ball, nurses and midwives ought to open a NMC online record by means of the NMC’s site, figure out their restoration date and guarantee they are acquainted with the Code.

The NMC states that nurse revalidation will furnish nurses and midwives with “the chance to consider their practice against the benchmarks in the Code and exhibit that they are “living” these models”. The prerequisites ought to help to guarantee that nurses and midwives stay up with the latest and address any lacks in their execution or comprehension before a mix-up is made.

Avoidance is obviously superior to cure, and if nurse revalidation enhances patient care and prompts less NMC referrals on the grounds that issues with a registrant’s execution are spotted and tended to as a component of a consistent nurse revalidation prepare, this must be something to be thankful for.

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