Why introduce revalidation?

Why is the NMC introducing revalidation?

Short answer: to improve public protection

The public, employers and fellow professionals should feel more confident that Nurses and Midwives are keeping themselves up to date with their work due to revalidation.

By making Nurses and Midwives practise safely and effectively during their career, revalidation will improve public protection.

It is essential that Nurses and Midwives stay up to date with the latest developments and standards, whilst learning new skills and catering for the ever changing public expectations and needs of the fellow healthcare professionals they work with.

The NMC Code should be ‘lived’ by NursesĀ  and midwives by using it as a basis of reflective practice.

Revalidation aims to reduce professional isoloation by encouraging Nurses and midwives to engage with their peers and discuss issues that affect them.