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Results from our nurse revalidation survey

a nurse revalidation survey portfolio

We conducted an informal poll, which had a  UK nurses n = 200.

One of the questions was ‘are you currently thinking about revalidation and getting ready for it?’

Surprise, surprise, only 5% of respondents answered, ‘yes’. This shows the need for a massive educational campaign if revalidation is going to achieve its mandated goals. There seems to be an ambivalence about the whole process amongst nurse professionals.

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English proficiency consultation for Nurses and Midwives


The NMC has started a 12-week consultation on English language requirements and the registration process.

This is because new legislation is coming into effect  that will put in place language controls for applicants from the European Economic Area (EEA). This is expected to be implemented in late 2015.

The NMC is looking at ways nurses and midwives can demonstrate their English proficiency. This is so that they can practise safely and effectively. This will also allow their colleagues, patients and employers to be confident about their communication skills.

The new NMC code in one of its requirements states communicating in English is necessary.

Read more and participate in the consultation here

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Nearly there

We are nearly there. Hang on everyone. Please use the contact form link above to request a beta invite to the toolkit. Tell us where you work and what your role is.

If you don’t get accepted in the beta program, not to worry, as all new users of Nurse Tools will be getting a free year of usage upon registering.

Things are really getting exciting.

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First post

We are really proud to announce the imminent launch of Nurse Tools: the UK’s first appraisal and revalidation toolkit designed only for nurses.You can request a invitation for as soon as we launch by emailing: support at nursetools dot org
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