Results from our nurse revalidation survey

a nurse revalidation survey portfolio

We conducted an informal poll, which had a  UK nurses n = 200.

One of the questions was ‘are you currently thinking about revalidation and getting ready for it?’

Surprise, surprise, only 5% of respondents answered, ‘yes’. This shows the need for a massive educational campaign if revalidation is going to achieve its mandated goals. There seems to be an ambivalence about the whole process amongst nurse professionals.

Then there is the whole workload and hoop jumping argument being pushed by affected parties. If revalidation is truly going to succeed it is vital that Nurses participate as a whole profession in helping set up the process. The nurse revalidation consultation of 2014 only managed to get 4000 or 0.5% of the active nursing professional population.

It is vital that we nurses have ownership of the final face of revalidation as it is going to affect us all.