Nurse Tools is now free, forever.

The Only Free Revalidation Toolkit for Nurses

We are super excited to announce that all UK registered Nurses who register with Nurse Tools will have complete and unlimited access to the toolkit for free, forever.  There are absolutely no strings attached and we promise you that we will not ask you for any money down the line. This applies to all existing members and new future members. There is no cut off date for this and this is how Nurse Tools will be operating from now on.

If you’re new to Nurse Tools , you can sign-up to start using the only free nursing revalidation toolkit. If you are already using Nurse Tools read on to learn how these changes will impact you.

Individual Nurses:

You now have nothing to pay at all. You can continue using Nurse Tools as before but now you do not have to worry about an extra ‘cost’ that you have to pay. We will be contacting you and giving you a full refund for any subscription you may have bought.


We will be contacting you shortly to give you a full refund for any subscriptions that you have taken for your nurses. If you wish to speed things up then contact your account manager or julie at nursetools dot org, who is dealing with refunds for corporate accounts.



Is Nurse Tools completely free?

Yes, there are no strings attached. Nurse Tools is completely free, forever.


Will service and security be affected?

Not at all. To provide you with the best service and security is one of our core objectives and we will never waiver from this.


Please bear with us as we remove all references to paid subscription options from the site. But rest assured we are not going back, and Nurse Tools is now free, forever!