Nursing is an extensive and a challenging profession. So nurses are offered a fine amount of salary examining at their specialty and career.

Anesthetist Nurse
The way to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) will probably take much enough than the average number of nurse’s, but it definitely pays off good. Nurses maintain everything according to the situation. They get ready the individuals for different operations and surgeries by managing anesthesia to patients or aiding anesthesiologists. Nurses work both for public and private sectors, they work in different facilities and hospitals along with that they also work in other health fields like dentist’s or gynecologist’s office. The average annual salary for nurses is about $118,056.

Pain Management Nurse
Pain Management Nurse (PMN) faculty helps the patients in severe and intense pain that can be quite intolerable. After getting them rid of severe pain, they prefer them treatment and care to help to get relief out of it. PMN’s also work in different fields like teaching environment, that how they show and guide the patients to get relief out of severe pain by demonstrating them different medications. The average annual salaries of PNMs is about $96,890.

Geriatric Nurse
Geriatric Nurses are specialized to cure the older patients. These patients are indulged often in diseases and injuries like osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s or Cancer. Commonly this process of work takes place in nursing homes, but in case a patient is extremely serious so it may also take place in patient’s home or hospitals. They are provided a fine amount of salaries up to $92,304 in a year.

Practitioner Nurse
Nurses’ Practitioner (NPs) elevate a thorough way to deal with medicinal services to promote a comprehensive approach to health care of patients. They are very qualified nurses and, therefore, work in all departments of nursing to cure the overall health and wellness of their patients. They are qualified and, can handle the majority of patient’s health care needs and can cure them very well. They work with highly qualified doctors and prove themselves very supportive in any cases. The annual salary provided to them is $92,007 per annum.

Neonatal Nurse
Neonatal Nurses (NN) work for newly born babies (infants) who are very weak or suffer from different health issues by birth. They perform their duties in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of a hospital. They work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of a hospital. They care for the babies until and unless he or she is not able to discharge from the hospital. They get $89,082 salaries annually.

Nurse Educators
This nursing specialty is what it seems like. Nurse educators are the worker of the academic settings, they work in many nursing schools and teaching hospitals where they educate the nurses. They also train the nurses accordingly to the profession. This department of nursing is quite different once you are a student of this faculty. You must experience it within another nursing specialty.